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Figure 1

From: PCR primers for an aldolase-B intron in acanthopterygian fishes

Figure 1

A. Alignment of aldolase fragments from teleost fishes; intron sequences have been removed from starred sequences to clarify diagnostic positions and the overall alignment. Numbers in brackets are GenBank [16] accession codes, circles mark clones of Aldl-5'/Ald2-3' amplifications, and stars mark direct sequences from AldBF2/Ald2-3' genomic DNA amplifications. Numbers above sequences are amino acid positions in Sparus aldolase-B [9] and mark the 3' residue used to design the primers in Figure 2. Position 186 is the 3' residue of primer Ald2-3' [3]. Periods indicate identical amino acid residue to that of the reference taxon; dashes are missing data. The arrow indicates the position of intron 'G'. Question marks after locus designations indicate inferred orthologies from Figure 1B. B. UPGMA dendrogram relating teleost aldolase sequences from this study and GenBank [16]. Numbers are bootstrap support (1000 replicates) for the indicated node.

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