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Figure 1

From: The evolutionary diversification of LSF and Grainyhead transcription factors preceded the radiation of basal animal lineages

Figure 1

Motif architecture of LSF and GRH proteins from 10 metazoan taxa, a choanoflagellate, and two fungi. Conserved motifs were identified using MEME, as described in the methods. Motifs (colored boxes) and inter-motif regions (thick black lines) were drawn to scale except for certain lengthy inter-motif regions, which were truncated by 50% (0.5×). Thin colored lines highlight motif conservation between proteins. The relative relationships among taxa depicted here reflect a general consensus among molecular phylogenetic analyses [6268], although there continues to be controversy surrounding key elements of the phylogeny including the placement of ctenophores [69] and the monophyly of the triploblasts [7072].

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