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Figure 1

From: Duplication and independent selection of cell-wall invertase genes GIF1 and OsCIN1 during rice evolution and domestication

Figure 1

Phylogenetic relationship of cell wall invertases and synteny of the GIF1 and OsCIN1 loci. (A) The N-J phylogenetic tree constructed by MEGA program based on alignment of the DNA sequences of the 8 CWI genes of rice and CWI genes in other species, Lolium perenne, Hordeum vulgare, Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii and the recently released maize and sorghum genomes. Note that the rice GIF1 and OsCIN1 genes were paralogous within two subgroups. (B) Synteny between the GIF1 and OsCIN1 genome regions is illustrated schematically with homologous genes, indicating their duplication event.

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