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Figure 4 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 4

From: Duplication and independent selection of cell-wall invertase genes GIF1 and OsCIN1 during rice evolution and domestication

Figure 4

Phenotypes of OsCIN1-OE and GIF1-OE plants. (A) The GIF1-OE plants produced badly-filled grains (right), compared to the empty vector control (left). (B) The OsCIN1-OE plants produced grains completely filled (right). (C) Smaller seeds of the GIF1-OE plants (right), compared to the empty vector control (left). (D) The OsCIN1-OE seeds exhibited preharvest sprouting, while the control seeds did not germinate on panicle at the same time. (E) The GIF1-OE plants grew dwarfing in comparison with the control. (F) The OsCIN1-OE plants were morphologically similar to the control.

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