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Figure 5

From: Duplication and independent selection of cell-wall invertase genes GIF1 and OsCIN1 during rice evolution and domestication

Figure 5

Nucleotide polymorphisms in GIF1 promoters and OsCIN1 gene regions. (A) Nucleotide polymorphisms detected in the 2-kb GIF1 promoter regions, which are classified into 9 types. The location of GIF1 on the chromosome was indicated. (B) Nucleotide polymorphisms in the OsCIN1 gene regions, which are divided into 6 types. The location of the OsCIN1 on the chromosome was indicated. (C) The molecular signature of domestication selection of OsCIN1. The OsCIN1 regions of 25 rice cultivars and 25 wild rice germplasm (Table 2) were sequenced. Haplotype diversity was calculated for nucleotide diversity (π) analysis. (D) Tajima's D-statistics were calculated with DnaSP version 4.0 for the OsCIN1 regions. Sequence positions were indicated with the OsCIN1 loci marked red. Red, wild rice; Blue, indica; black, japonica.

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