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Table 3 HKA tests of the OsCIN1 and GIF1 locia

From: Duplication and independent selection of cell-wall invertase genes GIF1 and OsCIN1 during rice evolution and domestication

pair polymorphism site number sequence length p value
Outgroup/Cultivar_OsCIN1 454 4636 5.90E-11
Cultivar/Cultivar_OsCIN1 44 4772  
Outgroup/Cultivar_GIF1 441 5980 0.00108
Cultivar/Cultivar_GIF1 67 6149  
Outgroup/Cultivar_ADH1 170 2573  
Cultivar/Cultivar_ADH1 45 2573  
  1. aThe up-/downstream 2-kb genome regions of OsCIN1 and GIF1 were analyzed for HKA.