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Figure 3

From: The gene transformer-2 of Anastrephafruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) and its evolution in insects

Figure 3

Internal terminalia of Anastrepha flies. Parts of the reproductive tract of an intersexual mosaic developed from an injected egg with Aotra2 dsRNA (A-C), and of a normal female (D). In (A) arrows point to two vesicles, one of which is yellow (similar to normal testes). (B) Arrow points to the accessory gland. (C) Arrows point to the spermathecae. (D) Parts of a normal female reproductive tract showing an ovary (ov) and the three regular spermathecae (arrows). Bar = 200 μm. (E, F) Parts of the reproductive tract of A. sp.1 aff. fraterculus males. (E) Testes of a normal male (larger arrows). Small arrow points to the male terminalia; rec, rectum. (F) Asymmetric testes of a male that developed from an egg injected with Aotra2 dsRNA. The right testis is spherical and the other shows the normal elliptical form; the small arrow points to the accessory gland. Bar = 300 μm.

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