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Table 1 Analysis of (A) infectivity and (B) (log-transformed) number of spores in infected individuals for the different test combinations.

From: Experimental evolution of specialization by a microsporidian parasite

   (A) Infectivity (B) Number of spores in infected individuals
  df χ2 P SS
(× 103)
Test combination 3 28.60 < 0.001 194 1.26 0.288
Evolution regime [Test combination] 6 11.90 0.064 326 1.05 0.390
Replicate [Test, Evolution regime] 25 22.35 0.615 1262 0.98 0.497
Error 531    57438   
  1. The analysis compares the four types of tests: specialized parasites on their own host, specialized parasites on mismatched hosts, parasites evolved on mixtures of hosts and parasites evolved on alternating hosts. 'Evolution regime' refers to the isofemale line (or combination of lines) the parasites evolved on.