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Table 3 List of the primers used in this study

From: Unsuspected diversity of Niphargus amphipods in the chemoautotrophic cave ecosystem of Frasassi, central Italy

Marker Direction Purpose Sequence Reference
COI Forward PCR + sequencing 5'-GGTCAACAAATCATAAAGATATTGG-3' [66]
COI Reverse PCR + sequencing 5'-TAAACTTCAGGGTGACCAAAAAATCA-3' [66]
12S Forward PCR + sequencing 5'-GCCAGCAGCCGCGGTTA-3' [67]
12S Reverse PCR + sequencing 5'-CCTACTTTGTTACGACTTAT-3' [67]
28S Forward PCR + sequencing 5'-CAAGTACCGTGAGGGAAAGTT-3' [68]
28S Reverse PCR + sequencing 5'-AGGGAAACTTCGGAGGGAACC-3' [68]
28S Forward sequencing 5'-AAACACGGGCCAAGGAGTAT-3' this article
28S Reverse sequencing 5'-TATACTCCTTGGCCCGTGTT-3' this article
ITS Forward PCR + sequencing 5'-TCCGAACTGGTGCACTTAGA-3' this article
ITS Reverse PCR + sequencing 5'-TCCAAGCTCCATTGGCTTAT-3' this article
ITS Forward sequencing 5'-CGCTGCCATTCTCACACTTA-3' this article
ITS Reverse sequencing 5'-ACTCTGAGCGGTGGATCACT-3' this article
ITS Forward sequencing 5'-AAGGCTATAGCTGGCGATCA-3' this article
ITS Reverse sequencing 5'-TCAGCGGGTAACCTCTCCTA-3' this article