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Figure 3

From: Predictable patterns of trait mismatches between interacting plants and insects

Figure 3

The effect of community composition on trait-matching. The negative OLS regression between trait mismatching and community heterogeneity. Community heterogeneity was measured as the mean difference in corolla length between a single focal plant (Zaluzianskya microsiphon) and other food sources found at the site. Trait mismatching was calculated from the residuals of the regression between pollinator (Prosoeca ganglbaueri, Y-axis) proboscis length and the corolla tube length of its most important and widespread host plant (Zaluzianskya microsiphon, X-axis). Negative residuals (Y-axis), indicate that fly proboscis length is shorter than predicted by the plant-proboscis regression. Negative values on the X-axis indicate Zaluzianskya has smaller tube lengths than the guild average.

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