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Figure 6 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 6

From: BMGE (Block Mapping and Gathering with Entropy): a new software for selection of phylogenetic informative regions from multiple sequence alignments

Figure 6

Phylogenetic trees obtained from a non-trimmed character supermatrix (left) and from the concatenation of the multiple sequence alignments trimmed by BMGE with BLOSUM95 (right). These ML trees were inferred by PhyML with the model mtREV+Γ8+I. Note that the left topology was also inferred from character supermatrices built by concatenating multiple sequence alignments trimmed by BMGE (BLOSUM30 and BLOSUM62), Gblocks (relaxed), trimAl (strictplus and automated1), and Noisy. Bootstap-based and aLRT-based confidence values at nodes (1), (1'), (2) and (3) are given in Table 6.

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