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Table 5 Lengths of the different character supermatrices, and average log-likelihood per character of the corresponding ML trees.

From: BMGE (Block Mapping and Gathering with Entropy): a new software for selection of phylogenetic informative regions from multiple sequence alignments

   Number of characters log-lkper character
initial   4,530 -21.07
BMGE (BLOSUM30) 2,995 -23.42
BMGE (BLOSUM62) 2,535 -21.01
BMGE (BLOSUM95) 2,343 -19.94
Gblocks (relaxed) 2,908 -23.00
trimAl (strictplus) 2,881 -22.46
trimAl (automated1) 3,104 -23.46
Noisy   2,513 -18.55