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Table 2 Divergent traits between the Water Rail and Brown-cheeked Rail (adults)

From: Phylogenetic and coalescent analysis of three loci suggest that the Water Rail is divisible into two species, Rallus aquaticus and R. indicus

Traits Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) Brown-cheeked Rail (R. indicus)
Sexual dimorphism in body size Present Absent
Body size Smaller Larger
Primary measurements Smaller Larger
Primary-index Smaller Larger
Bill length Longer and finer Shorter
Supercilium Darker Lighter (looks to conspicuous/marked)
Chin and throat feathers White or light gray Pinkish cinnamon
Vane tips of neck-and-breast feathers Pale/gray Brownish
Under tail coverts White Deep black-and-white barred
Outer coverts of the wing Less frequently barred More frequently barred
Pitched growl in call Low Very low
Call duration Longer Shorter
Length of eggs Smaller Larger
  1. Trait variation observed between adults of the Water Rail and Brown-cheeked Rail [7, 10, 15].