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Figure 2

From: Phylogenetic analysis of ferlin genes reveals ancient eukaryotic origins

Figure 2

Ferlin domain topologies. The different variations in domain topologies observed for DysF containing ferlins (Type 1) and non-DysF containing ferlins (Type 2) are labelled A-F as follows - A: ferlin topology containing all seven C2 domains; B: (-)C2DE; C: (-)C2A; D: (-)C2A, (-)C2DE; E: (-)C2A, (-)C2DE, (-)FerB; F: (-)C2A, (-)C2 D, (-)C2E, (-)C2DE,(-)C2F. Domain classifications are an amalgamation of SMART (C2, DysF and transmembrane) and PFAM (FerA, FerB and FerI) results. The different C2 domains are labelled A-F according to their position from N-term to C-term. Domains colored in white are below threshold detection of SMART.

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