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Figure 5

From: Human evolution in Siberia: from frozen bodies to ancient DNA

Figure 5

MDS plot of genetic distances between populations on the basis of mtDNA. MDS plot based on Fst values of mtDNA HVS-1 sequences. Yak_a: ancient Yakuts, Yak_c: ancient Yakuts from the Christian period, PD_Yakuts: present day Yakuts (this study). Altaï [82], Buryats [4], Evenks [50], Egyin Gol: [48], Kazakhs [23], Kirghiz [23], Koryaks [83], Mansis [22], Mongols [48], Oroqens [65], Tuvans [3], Uyghurs [23, 26], Uzbeks [84], W_Siberia: West Siberians [85].

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