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Figure 10

From: Phylogenomics reveals subfamilies of fungal nonribosomal peptide synthetases and their evolutionary relationships

Figure 10

Number and range of NRPSs and A domains for each subfamily. A. Average and range (lowest to highest) number of NRPS-encoding genes in each subfamily per euascomycete genome shows that the EAS subfamily has both the highest average number of genes and the highest variation in copy number among species. PKS;NRPSs and ChNPS12 subfamilies also have substantial variation in numbers of NRPS-encoding genes among species. B. Average and range (lowest to highest) of the number of A domains/NRPS in euascomycete genomes for each subfamily shows that the EAS subfamily also has by far the greatest variation in number of A domains/NRPS followed by the CYCLO, and SID subfamilies.

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