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Figure 2

From: Phylogenomics reveals subfamilies of fungal nonribosomal peptide synthetases and their evolutionary relationships

Figure 2

ML phylogenetic tree (PhyML, WAG plus gamma) from the reduced A domain dataset. Branches corresponding to subfamilies are color coded as in Fig. 1 and known products of NRPSs within each subfamily are shown to the right in parentheses. All C. heterostrophus NRPS A domains are indicated as red dots. Bootstrap values greater than 50% are shown above branches, where legibility makes this possible. This analysis shows stronger bootstrap support (97%) for grouping the exclusively fungal, multimodular subfamilies, SID and EAS subfamilies together (arrow). Double arrow indicates high bootstrap support (>85%) for grouping ChNPS11/ETP/ChNPS12 together.

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