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Figure 3

From: African signatures of recent positive selection in human FOXI1

Figure 3

Distribution of -log p-values for XP-Rsb across 39 HGDP-CEPH populations grouped into major geographical regions. The genome-wide significance of the XP-Rsb statistic per SNP site and population is plotted against distance over 2 Mb flanking the FOXI1 gene. Location of genes is shown on top of each plot. Dotted and dashed lines show 0.05 and 0.01 significance levels, respectively. Values below 0.01 significance level are additionally represented with solid color circles. Populations are shown according to their continental groups: Sub-Saharan Africa (SSAFR), Europe (EUR), Middle East-North Africa (MENA), Central-South Asia (CSASIA), East Asia (EASIA), Oceania (OCE) and America (AME).

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