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Figure 2

From: When Indian crabs were not yet Asian - biogeographic evidence for Eocene proximity of India and Southeast Asia

Figure 2

Phylogeny of the Gecarcinucidae. Maximum clade credibility tree of the Gecarcinucidae based on Bayesian inference of 16 S rDNA and histone H3 sequences. At nodes both the posterior probabilities (> 0.90) of the Bayesian analysis and the bootstrap values (> 50) of the maximum likelihood analysis are given. Hexagons indicate the three fossil calibration points (see text), time estimates in square brackets represent the 95% confidence interval. Range inheritance as reconstructed by Lagrange is visualized by letters in colored squares, in the case of alternative reconstructions within two log-likelihood units the relative probability of the better reconstruction is added in a square box. Ancestral area reconstruction by BayesTraits is represented by pie charts with the ranges color-coded as for the Lagrange analysis.

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