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Table 2 Testing of dispersal models

From: When Indian crabs were not yet Asian - biogeographic evidence for Eocene proximity of India and Southeast Asia

Model log likelihood AIC w
H I→A -48.88 111.76 0.975
H A→I -50.51 115.20 0.019
H0 -50.09 116.18 0.006
  1. Different dispersal models for the Gecarcinucidae that were tested in Lagrange to investigate the direction of faunal exchange between India and Southeast Asia. Given are the global maximum likelihood at the root node, the AIC, and the Akaike weight (w) of the respective dispersal models. The H0 model is without any dispersal constraint, H I→A only allows dispersal from India to Southeast Asia, H A→I only from Southeast Asia to India.