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Figure 3

From: Evolution of mantis shrimps (Stomatopoda, Malacostraca) in the light of new Mesozoic fossils

Figure 3

Details of anterior appendages of Sculda M√ľnster, 1840. A. Complete antennular flagellum of a specimen of Sculda sp. (no. 1). The rounded shape of the most distal annulus (arrow) indicates that it is indeed the most terminal one. B. Antennula and antenna of a specimen of Sculda sp. (no. 2). Note the branching pattern of the antennula and the division of the antennal exopod paddle (arrow). Numbers refer to the three flagella of the antennula. C. Mandibles of a specimen of ?Sculda pusilla (no. 3). D. Antenna of a specimen of ?Sculda pennata/spinosa (no. 4). Arrows point to insertions of setae. Abbreviations: ant en = antennal endopod, ant ex = antennal exopod, atl = antennula, st = setae.

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