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Figure 4

From: Evolution of mantis shrimps (Stomatopoda, Malacostraca) in the light of new Mesozoic fossils

Figure 4

Details of raptorial appendages. A. Stereo image of the anterior part of a specimen of ?Sculda pennata/spinosa (no. 5) exhibiting details of the raptorial thoracopods. B. Colour-coded image of the same area as in A. Image recorded under normal light, then inverted. Each raptorial limb is marked in a different colour. Numbers mark the different articles of the limb. C. UV-composite-fluorescence image of the anterior region of a smaller specimen of ?Sculda pennata/spinosa (no. 4). Colours as in B. D. Stereo image of an isolated anterior part of a specimen of ?Sculda pennata/spinosa (no. 6). This specimen is one of the original specimens of Kunth (1870) described as belonging to Sculda spinosa Kunth, 1870. Note the preserved raptorial thoracopods. E. Second thoracopod of a specimen of Sculda sp. (no. 7) preserved in lateral aspect. Abbreviations: dc = dactylus, ppd = propodus.

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