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Figure 8

From: Evolution of mantis shrimps (Stomatopoda, Malacostraca) in the light of new Mesozoic fossils

Figure 8

Proposed phylogeny and evolutionary scenario of an ingroup of Stomatopoda including "Archaeostomatopoda". Taxa presented as 3D models based on [[8, 20], this paper] besides the representative of Unipeltata sensu stricto, which is a volume rendering of a CT scan. Autapomorphies at the marked nodes: 1: Size reduction of raptorial limbs two, three and four; 2: (Unipeltata sensu lato) Further size reduction of raptorial limbs three and four; 3: Shape change of telson from elongate-triangular to rounded with bisymmetrically arranged teeth/spines; 4: (Unipeltata sensu stricto = Verunipeltata taxon nov. + Pseudosculda laevis) Further size reduction of raptorial limb two to the same size as three and four.

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