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Figure 3

From: Periostin shows increased evolutionary plasticity in its alternatively spliced region

Figure 3

Multiple sequence alignment and secondary structure prediction results for the periostin C-terminal region. A ClustalW alignment for periostin's C-terminal region of seven tetrapods (Hs, Mm, Md, Oa, Gg, Ac, Xt) and two teleosts (Dr locus 1, Ga locus 1) is shown. The exon structure is indicated above the alignment, separately for tetrapods and teleosts, together with two-letter species codes, if alternative splicing is observed for a particular exon in that species. Residues are highlighted based on PsiPred secondary structure predictions performed separately for all nine sequences as indicated below the alignment. The general alignment of the secondary structure elements, mostly beta strands, across all species considered here, is obvious.

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