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Figure 1

From: Transitional fossil earwigs - a missing link in Dermaptera evolution

Figure 1

Belloderma arcuata gen. et sp. nov., holotype, No. CNU-Der-NN2008002. a, photo. b, Dorsal view. c, Ventral view. d, Enlarged drawing of foreleg tarsi. e, Enlarged drawing of mid-leg tarsi. Scale bar, 2 mm. scl, scutellum; p, pygidium; o, ovipositor; gl, glossae; mp, maxillary palpus; p, palpifer; mt, mentum; gu, gula; lp, labial palpus; dc and bc, disticardo and basicardo; po, postocciput; c, cercus; acs, anterior cervical sclerites; pcs, posterior cervical sclerites; pro-s, pro-sternum; meso-s, meso-sternum; meta-s, meta-sternum.

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