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Table 2 List of the SAT 1 virus isolates included in this study

From: Evolutionary analysis of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype SAT 1 isolates from east africa suggests two independent introductions from southern africa

Isolate Codea District/Country Geographical groupb Accession No.
BEC/1/48 Bechuanaland (Botswana) SA AY593838
SWA/1/49 South West Africa (Namibia) SA AY593840
SA/13/61 South Africa SA AY593842
SWA/40/61 South West Africa (Namibia) SA AY593843
RHO/5/66 Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) SA AY593846
BOT/1/68 Botswana SA AY593845
UGA/21/70 Uganda UG WRLc
T155/71 Tanzania KT HQ267519e
SUD/8/74 Sudan SU AY441998
TAN/13/74 Tanzania KT AY442001
UGA/13/74 Uganda UG AY442010
NIG/11/75 Nigeria WA AF431711
NIG/14/75 Nigeria WA AF431709
NIG/17/75 Nigeria WA AF431712
NIG/24/75 Nigeria WA AF431714
NIG/1/76 Nigeria WA AF431721
NIG/5/76 Nigeria WA AF431723
NIG/14/76 Nigeria WA AF431725
NIG/20/76 Nigeria WA AF431727
NGR/2/76 Niger WA AF431718
NGR/5/76 Niger WA AF431720
SUD/3/76 Sudan SU AY441966
SUD/4/76 Sudan SU AY441997
TAN/2/77 Tanzania KT AY442008
NIG/2/79 Nigeria WA AF431728
K66/80 Narok, Kenya KT HQ267520e
NIG/3/80 Nigeria WA AF431729
TAN/3/80 Tanzania KT AY442006
K110/81 Kiambu, Kenya KT HQ267521e
NIG/5/81 Nigeria WA AF431730
NIG/10/81 Nigeria WA AF431731
KEN/9/91 Kenya KT AY441995
KEN/11/91 Kenya KT AY441994
KNP/196/91d South Africa SA AF283429
TAN/5/96 Tanzania KT AY442007
TAN/19/96 Tanzania KT AY442013
UGA/1/97d Uganda UG AF283439
KEN/4/98 Kenya KT AY441993
K58/99 Thika, Kenya KT HQ267522e
K96/99 Kajiado, Kenya KT HQ267523e
K114/99 Nairobi, Kenya KT HQ267524e
TAN/37/99 Tanzania KT AY442005
TAN/51/99 Tanzania KT AY442004
TAN/60/99 Tanzania KT AY442002
UGA/3/99 Uganda UG AY442009
UGA/7/99 Uganda UG AY442011
ZIM/23/03 Zimbabwe SA WRLc
K57/05 Thika, Kenya KT HQ267525e
K67/05 Trans Nzoia, Kenya KT HQ267526e
K10/06 Thika, Kenya KT HQ267527e
K21/06 Nyeri, Kenya KT HQ267528e
K28/06 Keiyo, Kenya KT HQ267529e
ETH/3/07 Ethiopia ET EJ798154
  1. a The letters indicate the country of origin of the isolate while the last numerical field refers to the year of isolation. b Geographical group assignment according to the six defined regions of sub-Saharan Africa: SA (southern Africa), UG (Uganda), KT (Kenya/Tanzania), SU (Sudan), ET (Ethiopia) WA (western Africa). c WRL = From World reference laboratory sequence data website d African buffalo origin. eSequence generated in this study.