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Figure 4

From: Evolution of plant phage-type RNA polymerases: the genome of the basal angiosperm Nuphar advena encodes two mitochondrial and one plastid phage-type RNA polymerases

Figure 4

Subcellular localization of NaRpoT gene products. Confocal laser scanning microscopy of transformed Arabidopsis protoplasts. The images depict fluorescence patterns (merged green and red channels) of control constructs targeting GFP to mitochondria (A), plastids (B), vector control containing no transit peptide (C), Na-RpoTm1met-GFP (D), Na-RpoTm1utr-GFP (E), Na-RpoTm1mut-GFP (F), Na-RpoTm2met-GFP (G), Na-RpoTm2utr-GFP (H), Na-RpoTm2mut-GFP (I), Na-RpoTpmet*-GFP (J), Na-RpoTputr-GFP (K) and Na-RpoTpmut-GFP (L). Scale bar = 10 μm.

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