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Figure 2 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 2

From: Identification of shared single copy nuclear genes in Arabidopsis, Populus, Vitis and Oryzaand their phylogenetic utility across various taxonomic levels

Figure 2

Overrepresentation and underrepresentation of shared single copy genes in select GO categories. Bar chart showing GO slim categories that are overrepresented in the APVO PlantTribes using the TAIR8 annotation of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome using an initial alpha value of 0.05 with a subsequent Bonferroni correction for multiple tests. Bottom green bar represents percentage of APVO shared single copy genes with the given annotation; top blue bar is percentage of genes with the given annotation for the remainder of the genome. Overrepresentation and underrepresentation was detected using a chi-square test comparing the slim GO annotation of the single copy tribes versus all else in the Arabidopsis genome.

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