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Figure 3

From: Genetic population structure of sympatric and allopatric populations of Baltic ciscoes (Coregonus albulacomplex, Teleostei, Coregonidae)

Figure 3

Admixture analysis of hybridization for Lakes Stechlin and Breiter Luzin. Results of the admixture analysis with limited prior probability of hybridization by STRUCTURE for the two sympatric population pairs, Stechlin Coregonus albula (a), Stechlin C. fontanae (b), Breiter Luzin C. albula (c) and Breiter Luzin C. lucinensis (d). Probability of admixture was estimated for the sympatric populations in each lake, and for Lakes Arend and Tollense as potential stocking sources. Hybrids refer either to the first (F1) or the second and older (F2) parental generations.

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