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Figure 1

From: The Trichoderma harzianum demon: complex speciation history resulting in coexistence of hypothetical biological species, recent agamospecies and numerous relict lineages

Figure 1

Multilocus phylogenetic map of H. lixii - T. harzianum species complex. The main body of the figure shows the radial Bayesian tree resulting from the analysis of the concatenated sequences of tef1, cal1 and chi18-5. Nodes supported by posterior probabilities (PP) > 0.94 and 0.89 < PP < 0.95 are indicated by black and grey dots respectively. Names of subclades, as used in the text, are written along the most internal branches leading to them. Full squares at OTUs indicate teleomorph isolates. The color code indicates the geographic region from which the isolates were obtained, as explained in the right top inset. Isolates with yellow color indicate uncertain geographic origin. The ex-type strains are underlined. The four putative phylogenetic species are indicated by rectangular and round backgrounds for agamospecies and holomorphic species, respectively. Isolates for which a recombination history was detected are grouped by irregular shape frames with grey background. Isolates used and results from the PHT test are shown by arrows and the respective P values, 'rec +' specifying positive recombination result and 'rec -'specifying no recombination detected. The left bottom inset shows the results from the same analysis when representative strains of the all studied H. lixii/T. harzianum and the representative strains of the Harzianum-Catoptron Clade were also included. The yellow background separates strains of the 'pseudoharzianum matrix'. Other symbols are used as above, but no geographic color code is applied. The right bottom inset shows the recombination network, determined by SplitsTree (NJ mode) from the combined dataset. Taxa with "harzianum"-like morphology are shown by a light yellow background and dotted lines; other anamorph morphologies are shown by different colours and dotted lines; individual teleomorph morphologies are indicated by different end symbols. Representative sequences for species from Harzianum-Catoptron Clade may be retrieved from NCBI Entrez search engine using [species strain locus] keywords.

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