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Figure 3

From: A multi gene sequence-based phylogeny of the Musaceae (banana) family

Figure 3

A phylogenetic tree based on dataset B sequence, with S. nicolai as outgroup. Values above and below the branches indicate bootstrap support for MP and ML, and the posterior BI probability, respectively. Clade I: Eumusa (M. acuminata [A genome] and M. balbisiana [B genome]) plus Rhodochlamys (M. mannii and M. ornata) entries. Clade II: Australimusa (M. textilis, M. maclayi and Fe'i) plus Callimusa (M. coccinea and M. beccarii). entries. Clade III: Musella + Ensete genus. The lettering (A-J) attached to the secondary nodes refers to divergence times, as specified in Table 5.

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