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Table 5 Estimates of divergence time for species within the Musaceae family

From: A multi gene sequence-based phylogeny of the Musaceae (banana) family

Node description Node
to Figure 3)
HPD range a Reference
Ancestral split Z 124.0 n/a [36]
Calibration point (Ensete oregonense fossil record) * 43.0 n/a [51]
Musaceae A 69.1 57.8-80.5 present study
Musa B 50.7 40.4-61.5 present study
M. coccinea -remaining D 28.7 21.2-36.6 present study
Eumusa B genome-remaining C 27.9 21.5-34.4 present study
M. manni (Rhodochlamys)-remaining E 20.0 15.0-25.9 present study
Eumusa A genome G 11.4 8.6-14.7 present study
M. beccarii (Callimusa)-remaining F 8.8 6.1-11.4 present study
M. ornata I 8.8 6.2-11.8 present study
Australimusa section-remaining H 5.2 3.5-6.7 present study
Fe'i - M. maclayi J 2.5 1.4-3.6 present study
  1. a HPD range - the confidence interval of the BEAST analysis expressed as the highest posterior density (HPD) interval.