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Figure 1

From: Origin of land plants: Do conjugating green algae hold the key?

Figure 1

Consensus Tree inferred by PhyloBayes under the CAT+ Γ4 using the viridiplant data set of 40 taxa and 30,270 amino acid positions (129 concatenated nuclear encoded proteins). An identical topology was obtained with two different methods (ML, BI) and four different models applied (site homogeneous ML, LG+F+Γ4 and GTR+Γ4; site heterogeneous BI, CAT+Γ4 and CATGTR+Γ4). Numbers represent (in order from top to bottom) the bootstrap support values for the PhyloBayes CAT+Γ4 and the RAxML GTR+Γ4 analyses. Black dots indicate that the branch was supported by a BP of 100% using both models. All except three nodes, which are indicated by a star, were supported by posterior probabilities (PP) of 1. The scale bar denotes the estimated number of amino acid substitutions per site.

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