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Figure 2

From: Natural history of SLC11 genes in vertebrates: tales from the fish world

Figure 2

Schematic representation of slc11a2-α and slc11a2-β transcripts and putative proteins. Slc11a2-α produces a single transcript, encoding a 560 aa protein. Slc11a2-β produces 4 transcripts, encoding 4 putative proteins, 2 of 554 aa (β1 and β2, from exons 1A or 1B to exon 15, respectively) and 2 of 562 aa (β3 and β4, from exons 1A or 1B to exon 16, respectively). Difference in size results from an alternative splice site in exon 15 and replacement of its final 17 aa for 25 aa encoded by exon 16. Exons are represented as black boxes, UTRs as white boxes.

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