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Figure 8

From: Natural history of SLC11 genes in vertebrates: tales from the fish world

Figure 8

In situ hybridization. A to D - liver; E to H - spleen; I to L - head kidney; M to P - anterior intestine; Q to T - mid intestine; U to X - posterior intestine. 1st column - H&E staining; 2nd column - hybridization with sense probes (control); 3rd column - hybridization with slc11a2-α specific probe; 4th column - hybridization with slc11a2-β specific probe. cp - capsule; rp - red pulp; wp - white pulp; mmc - melanomacrophage center; bv - blood vessel; md - melanin deposits; mc - macrophages; lt - lymphomyeloid tissue; ht - hematopoietic tissue; hp - hepatocytes; lv - lipidic vacuole: nc - nuclei; iv - intestinal villi; lu - lumen; lml - longitudinal muscle layer; cml - circular muscle layer; sm - submucosa; lp - lamina propria; ce - columnar epithelium; bb - brush border; gc - goblet cells. Thick arrows indicate points of slc11a2-α presence.

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