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Table 2 Pristionchus pacificu s cellulase gene data

From: Horizontal gene transfer of microbial cellulases into nematode genomes is associated with functional assimilation and gene turnover

Gene Amplified segment No. of exons/length Likelihood for model M8 allowing positive selection* Likelihood for model M8a not allowing positive selection* Significance level* synonymous substitutions non-synonymous substitutions overall average synonymous/non-synonymous substitutions
Ppa-cel-1 2,997 bp 13/1,177 bp no positively selected sites   non-significant 0-1.8% 0-6.3% 4.6%/1.6%
Ppa-cel-2 2,642 bp 16/1,425 bp -2705.39 -2820.06 0.001 0-2.2% 0-1.4% 1.3%/0.7%
Ppa-cel-3 2,837 bp 16/1,374 bp no positively selected sites   non-significant 0-0.5% 0-0.3% 0.3%/0.1%
  1. *Positive selection was determined using the Selecton server