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Figure 3

From: The evolution of plasmid-carried antibiotic resistance

Figure 3

The effect of antibiotic dosage intensity and the interval between treatments on the cell types persisting at equilibrium for the basic model (consisting of wild-type cells, cells with resistance on the chromosome and plasmid-carried resistance). Here, chromosomal resistance can be outcompeted by plasmid-carried resistance. "F" denotes wild-type cells and "P" denotes cells infected with a plasmid carrying resistance. Cell types that are present in the population at a density greater than exceeding 0.001 are shown. The plots were calculated by running the simulation for a number of parameter values for 5,000 time-steps. Lines were then smoothed by interpolation. Parameters used are r = 1, a = 1, β = 0.1, c c = 0.02, c p = 0.02, x = 0.05, m = 0.1, s = 0.001 and l = 0.5.

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