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Figure 5

From: Phylogeography of the reef fish Cephalopholis argus(Epinephelidae) indicates Pleistocene isolation across the indo-pacific barrier with contemporary overlap in the coral triangle

Figure 5

Migration rates for Cephalopholis argus. Migration rates (Nm: where N is effective female population size and m is migration rate) based on cytochrome b sequences calculated using MIGRATE 3.1.6 [54, 55]. Locations with non-significant pairwise ΦST values were grouped (see Table 2). French Polynesia (FP) = Marquesas and Moorea; central-west Pacific (CW) = Kiritimati, Palmyra, Samoa/Tokelau, Baker/Howland, Kwajalein, Pohnpei, Saipan, Palau, Lizard Island, Philippines, and Scott Reef; Indo-Pacific boundary (IB) = Bali and Rowley Shoals; eastern Indian Ocean (EI) = Christmas Island and Cocos/Keeling; western Indian Ocean (WI) = Sumatra, Diego Garcia, Oman, and Seychelles. The direction of migration is indicated. Numbers of migrants per generation between geographic regions are reported with 95% confidence intervals in parentheses.

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