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Figure 3

From: Y-chromosome phylogeny in the evolutionary net of chamois (genus Rupicapra)

Figure 3

Network of Y-chromosome haplotypes. Median-joining network for the Y-chromosome haplotypes constructed using variation at the SRY promoter sequence and at the microsatellites UMN2303 (number of pentanucleotide repeats) and SRYM18 (one SNP, number of trinucleotide repeats and number of mononucleotide repeats). The size of pie areas corresponds to haplotypic frequencies and the proportion accounted for by the different subspecies is represented in different colors as in Figure 1. Different types of mutations in each branch are represented by different symbols (white square: SNP; black squares with a number inside: microsatellites with mononucleotide [1], trinucleotide [3] and pentanucleotide [5] motifs). The network is represented over a map according to the approximate geographical origin of the haplotypes. Branch lengths are not scaled.

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