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Figure 5 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 5

From: A dated phylogeny and collection records reveal repeated biome shifts in the African genus Coccinia(Cucurbitaceae)

Figure 5

Distribution of species in the Coccinia barteri clade and the C. quinqueloba clade. a Distribution of species in the Coccinia barteri clade. Dark blue = C. longicarpa, deep blue = C. keayana, pale blue = C. heterophylla, light blue = C. mildbraedii, bright yellow = C. barteri morphs, dark yellow = C. racemiflora, pale yellow = C. subsessiliflora. The arrow marks the Dahomey Gap. b Distribution of species in the quinqueloba group. Dark blue = C. quinqueloba, pale blue = C. mackenii, bright yellow = C. sessilifolia, pale yellow = C. hirtella.

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