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Table 1 Voucher information and GenBank accession numbers

From: A dated phylogeny and collection records reveal repeated biome shifts in the African genus Coccinia(Cucurbitaceae)

Species No. Voucher Location matK ndhF- rpl32R IS rpl20- rps12 IS trnL intron trnL- trnF IS trnS- trnG IS LFY2nd intron ITS
C. abyssinica (Lam.) Cogn. 1 E. Westphal & J. M. C. Westphal-Stevels 1552 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region HQ608224   HQ608311    HQ608429   
C. abyssinica (Lam.) Cogn. 2 E. Westphal & J. M. C. Westphal-Stevels 1951 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region    HQ608312 HQ608385 HQ608368 HQ608430   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 1 L. E. Davidson 3781 (M) South Africa, Gauteng HQ608226 HQ608274 HQ608314 HQ608396 HQ608396 HQ608432   HQ608195
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 2 R. Story 6283 (M) Namibia, Otjozondjupa HQ608227 HQ608275 HQ608316 HQ608397 HQ608397 HQ608434 HQ608160 HQ608196 - 8
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 3 J. Pawek 6124 (MO) Malawi, Northern Region HQ608225   HQ608315   HQ608369 HQ608433   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 4 R. E. Gereau & C. J. Kayombo 3582 (MO) Tanzania, Iringa HQ608231 HQ608273 HQ608313    HQ608431   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 5 E. A. Robinson 2944 (M) Zambia, Southern Prov. HQ608228   HQ608318 HQ608398 HQ608398 HQ608436   HQ608199 - 201
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 6 H. Merxmüller 282 (M) South Africa, Gauteng HQ608229   HQ608319   HQ608370 HQ608437   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 7 M. Sanane 375 (M) Zambia, Northern Prov. HQ608230   HQ608320 HQ608399 HQ608399 HQ608438   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 8 A. R. Torre 5337 (M) Mozambique, Zambezia    HQ608321   HQ608371 HQ608439   
C. adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Cogn. 9 D. K. Harder & M. G. Bingham 2584 (MO) Zambia, Lusaka Prov. HQ608268 HQ608299 HQ608364    HQ608492 HQ608191 HQ608221
C. aurantiaca C. Jeffrey 1 M. Richards 20987 (BR) Tanzania, Iringa HQ608235   HQ625507 HQ608401 HQ608401 HQ608443   
C. aurantiaca C. Jeffrey 2 P. J. Greenway & Kanuri 14811 (M) Tanzania, Iringa     HQ608402 HQ608402 HQ608444 HQ608161 HQ608202
C. aurantiaca C. Jeffrey 3 N. Holstein et al. 86 (M) Tanzania, Dodoma HQ608236 HQ608276 HQ608325 HQ608403 HQ608403 HQ608445 HQ608162  
C. aurantiaca C. Jeffrey 4 S. A. Robertson 1925 (MO) Kenya, Eastern Prov. HQ608232   HQ608322 HQ608400 HQ608400 HQ608440   
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 1 E. Achigan-Dako 07 NIA 899 (GAT) Guinea, Nzérékoré Region HQ608237   HQ608330 HQ608404 HQ608404 HQ608450   HQ608203
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 2 J. J. Wieringa 6387 (WAG) Gabon, Haut-Ogooué HQ608239 HQ608277 HQ608326 HQ608405 HQ608405 HQ608446 HQ608163 HQ608204
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 3 E. Achigan-Dako 06 NIA 294 (GAT) Guinea, Mamou Region    HQ608331 HQ608389 HQ608376 HQ608451   
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 4 E. Achigan-Dako 07 NIA 809 (GAT) Ghana, Eastern Region HQ608240   HQ608327 HQ608387 HQ608374 HQ608447 HQ608164  
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 5 W. J. J. O. de Wilde et al. 3736 (MO) Cameroon, Central Region HQ608241   HQ608328 HQ608388 HQ608375 HQ608448   
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 6 M. A. van Bergen 490 (WAG) Gabon, Ogooué-Maritime HQ608242 HQ608278 HQ608329 HQ608406 HQ608406 HQ608449 HQ608165  
C. barteri (Hook. f.) Keay 7 F. J. Fernández-Casas 12077 (MO) Equatorial Guinea, Bioco Island HQ608238 HQ608279 HQ608332 HQ608390 HQ608377 HQ608453   
C. grandiflora Cogn. 1 H. Schäfer 05/302 (M) Tanzania, Tanga HQ608243 HQ608280 HQ608333 HQ608407 HQ608407 HQ608454 HQ608166 HQ608205
C. grandiflora Cogn. 2 N. Holstein et al. 98 (M) Tanzania, Tanga HQ608244 HQ608281 HQ608334 HQ608408 HQ608408 HQ608455 HQ608167  
C. grandis (L.) Voigt 1 W. J. J. O. de Wilde & B. E. E. Duyfjes 22270 (L) Thailand, Bangkok DQ536651 HQ608282 DQ536537 DQ536762 DQ536762 HQ608456 HQ608168 HQ608207
C. grandis (L.) Voigt 2 R. Müller s.n., Aug. 1999 (MSB) Sudan, Sannar Prov.    HQ608335 HQ608409 HQ608409 HQ608457 HQ608169  
C. grandis (L.) Voigt 3 H. Schäfer 05/258 (M) Tanzania, Pwani HQ608245 HQ608283 HQ608336 HQ608410 HQ608410 HQ608458 HQ608170 HQ608206
C. heterophylla (Hook. f.) Holstein   C. C. H. Jongkind 5905 (WAG) Gabon, Estuaire HQ608246   HQ608337 HQ608411 HQ608411 HQ608459 HQ608171  
C. hirtella Cogn. 1 N. Holstein 29 (M) J.-L. Gatard, France, wild source unknown HQ608247 HQ608284 HQ608339 HQ608412 HQ608412 HQ608461 HQ608172  
C. hirtella Cogn. 2 S. S. Renner & A. Kocyan 2447 (M) J.-L. Gatard, France, wild source unknown HQ608248   HQ608338 HQ608413 HQ608413 HQ608460   
C. keayana R. Fernandes 1 F. C. Straub 140 (BR) Liberia       HQ608462   
C. keayana R. Fernandes 2 C. C. H. Jongkind et al. 6542 (WAG) Liberia, Grand Gedeh HQ608249 HQ608285 HQ608340   HQ608378 HQ608463 HQ608173 HQ608211
C. longicarpa Jongkind   C. C. H. Jongkind 3970 (WAG) Ghana, Ashanti Region HQ608250 HQ608286 HQ608341 HQ608414 HQ608414 HQ608464 HQ608174 HQ608212
C. mackenii Naudin ex C. Huber   R. G. Strey 3762 (M) South Africa, Mpumalanga HQ608251   HQ608343 HQ608415 HQ608415 HQ608465   
C. megarrhiza C. Jeffrey 1 J. J. F. E. de Wilde 6501 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region    HQ608344 HQ608417 HQ608417 HQ608466   
C. megarrhiza C. Jeffrey 2 I. Friis et al. 2664 (MO) Ethiopia, Oromia Region HQ608252 HQ608287 HQ608347 HQ608416 HQ608416 HQ608469 HQ608176  
C. megarrhiza C. Jeffrey 3 P. C. M. Jansen 3471 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region    HQ608345    HQ608467   
C. megarrhiza C. Jeffrey 4 J. J. F. E. de Wilde 4793 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region HQ608253   HQ608346    HQ608468 HQ608175  
C. microphylla Gilg 1 R. B. Drummond & J. H. Hemsley 4087 (B) Kenya, Coast Province HQ608254   HQ608348    HQ608470 HQ608177  
C. microphylla Gilg 2 J. J. F. E. de Wilde & M. G. Gilbert 346 (UPS) Ethiopia, Somali Regional State HQ608255   HQ608349 HQ608418 HQ608418 HQ608471 HQ608178 HQ608213
C. mildbraedii Gilg ex Harms 1 M. Reekmans 7399 (BR) Burundi, Muramvya Prov. HQ608256   HQ608350    HQ608472   
C. mildbraedii Gilg ex Harms 2 N. Holstein et al. 76 (M) Tanzania, Morogoro HQ608257 HQ608288 HQ608351 HQ608419 HQ608419 HQ608473 HQ608179  
C. ogadensis Thulin   M. Thulin et al. 11183 (UPS) Ethiopia, Somali Regional State HQ608258 HQ608289 HQ608352    HQ608474   HQ608214 - 6
C. quinqueloba (Thunb.) Cogn.   R. D. A. Bayliss 8470 (M) South Africa, Eastern Cape HQ608259 HQ608290 HQ608353 HQ608420 HQ608420 HQ608475 HQ608180  
C. racemiflora Kéraudren 1 I. van Nek 536 (WAG) Gabon, Ogooué-Maritime    HQ608355 HQ608421 HQ608421 HQ608477 HQ608182 HQ608217
C. racemiflora Kéraudren 2 J. J. Bos 6590 (WAG) Cameroon, South Prov. HQ608260   HQ608354 HQ608391 HQ608379 HQ608476 HQ608181  
C. rehmannii Cogn. 1 S. S. Renner & A. Kocyan 2749 (M) southern Africa, no detailed information DQ536652 HQ608292 HQ625508 DQ536799 DQ536799 HQ608479 HQ608184 HQ608218
C. rehmannii Cogn. var. littoralis A. Meeuse 2 L. E. Codd 9620 (M) South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal HQ608261   HQ625509 HQ608422 HQ608422 HQ608480   
C. rehmannii Cogn. var. rehmannii 3 G. Woortman 217 (M) Namibia, Otjozondjupa HQ608262   HQ625510 HQ608392 HQ608380 HQ608481 HQ608185  
C. rehmannii Cogn."ovifera" 4 B. de Winter & O. A. Leistner 5598 (M) Namibia, Kunene HQ608263 HQ608291 HQ608356 HQ608423 HQ608423 HQ608478 HQ608183  
C. samburuensis Holstein   R. B. & A. J. Faden 74/948 (WAG) Kenya, Rift Valley Prov. HQ608264 HQ608293 HQ608357 HQ608393 HQ608381 HQ608482 HQ608186  
C. schliebenii Harms 1 E. Westphal & J. M. C. Westphal-Stevels 5539 (WAG) Ethiopia, Oromia Region   HQ608294 HQ608358    HQ608483   
C. schliebenii Harms 2 G. S. Laizer et al. 1449 (MO) Tanzania, Morogoro HQ608265   HQ608359   HQ608382 HQ608484 HQ608187  
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn. 1 N. Holstein et al. 66 (M) Tanzania, Morogoro HQ608266 HQ608295 HQ608360 HQ608424 HQ608424 HQ608485 HQ608188  
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn. 2 K. Vollesen MRC4316 (WAG) Tanzania, Lindi HQ608267 HQ608296 HQ608362 HQ608425 HQ608425 HQ608487 HQ608189 HQ608219
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn. 3 A. R. Torre et al. 18788 (MO) Mozambique, Tete    HQ608361    HQ608486   
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn. 4 E. M. C. Groenendijk et al. 1031 (WAG) Mozambique, Nampula    HQ625511    HQ608489   
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn. 5 J. Lovett 1597 (MO) Tanzania, Iringa HQ608233   HQ608323 HQ608386 HQ608372 HQ608441   
C. senensis (Klotzsch) Cogn 6 C. F. Paget-Wilkes 72 (MO) Tanzania, Iringa HQ608234   HQ608324   HQ608373 HQ608442   
C. sessilifolia (Sond.) Cogn.   S. S. Renner et al. 2763 (M) Plant grown at Mainz Bot. G. (MJG19-54430); wild source unknown AY968446 HQ608297 DQ648163 AY968568 AY968385 HQ608490 HQ608190 HQ608220
C. spec. nov.   C. Geerling & J. Bokdam 662 (MO) Ivory Coast, Bouna area HQ608269 HQ608298 HQ608363   HQ608383 HQ608491   
C. subsessiliflora Cogn.   H. F. in de Witte 8288 (M) DR Congo, Kivu HQ608270   HQ608365 HQ608395 HQ608384 HQ608493   
C. trilobata (Cogn.) C. Jeffrey   N. Holstein & P. Sebastian 9 (M) J.-L. Gatard, France, coll. in Kenya HQ608271 HQ608300 HQ608366 HQ608426 HQ608426 HQ608494   HQ608222
Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C. Jeffrey   J. Maxwell s.n. 2 Sep. 2002 Thailand, Chiang Mai DQ536671 HQ608301 DQ536625 DQ536769 DQ536769 HQ608495 HQ608192  
Diplocyclos schliebenii (Harms) C. Jeffrey   H. J. Schlieben 4363 (M) Tanzania, Kilimanjaro     HQ608427 HQ608427 HQ608496 HQ608193 HQ608223
Cucumis hirsutus Sond.   N. B. Zimba et al. 874 (MO) Zambia DQ536658   DQ536542 DQ536804 DQ536804 HM597074   
Cucumis sativus L.   Unknown unknown AJ970307 AJ970307 AJ970307 AJ970307 AJ970307 AJ970307   
Peponium vogelii (Hook. f.) Engl.   S. S. Renner 2710 (M) Tanzania, Tanga HQ608272 HQ608302 HQ608367 HQ608428 HQ608428 HQ608497 HQ608194  
Scopellaria marginata (Bl.) W. de Wilde and Duyfjes   A. Kocyan AK178 (BKF) Thailand DQ536751   DQ536612 DQ536804 DQ536804