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Figure 5

From: Evolution of the apomixis transmitting chromosome in Pennisetum

Figure 5

ASGR-carrier chromosome ideograms for apomictic Pennisetum and Cenchrus species clustered according to the phylogenetic analysis. In ideograms, dark, medium and light blue indicate chromatin condensation pattern (regions of high, middle and low condensation, respectively). Red and yellow circles indicate BAC P208 and 25S rDNA, respectively. Opie-2 distribution, as determined by P602 signal, is indicated as bars below each ideogram and intensity of shading represents the approximate intensity of P602 signal. Asterisks indicate the position of discontinuous P602 signal. Bar corresponds to 1 μm. The data of P. squamulatum and C. ciliaris are from Akiyama et al. (2004) and Akiyama et al. (2005), respectively.

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