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Figure 3 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 3

From: A Bayesian framework to estimate diversification rates and their variation through time and space

Figure 3

Rates-through-time plot. Diversification rates through time resulting from the analysis of 100 phylogenies simulated under a fivefold increase in diversification rates. The upper plot (A) shows the marginal rates for 1 Myr time categories (line) and the 95% highest posterior density (error bars). The x-axis represents time (Myr), and the y-axis is the average per-lineage diversification rate (spp/Myr). The insert displays three examples of marginal distributions of the diversification rate for three points along the phylogenies (indicated by arrows on the rates through time plot): 1) close to the tips (2 Mya), 2) at the point of rate shift (5 Mya), and 3) towards to root of the trees (10 Mya). Note the bimodal distribution of rates when a rat-shift is found (both the lower and higher rates are sampled). In the lower plot (B), the frequencies of a rate shift are proportional to the probability of a rate shift in that time frame.

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