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Figure 5 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 5

From: A Bayesian framework to estimate diversification rates and their variation through time and space

Figure 5

Meta-analysis on plant diversification in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR). The map (C) shows the location of the CFR (highlighted in red) at the southwestern tip of the African continent. Rates of speciation (B) within the CFR (red) and in the rest of Africa (black) for each data set are found almost identical within and outside the CFR (Babiana 0.5/0.556, Moraea 0.259/0.288, Podalyrieae 0.15/0.167, and Protea 0.195/0.218). The posterior density of the parameter F = 1.118 (95% HPD 0.86 - 1.39), (A) indicates overall similar rates in the two regions.

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