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Figure 2

From: Gene conversion and purifying selection shape nucleotide variation in gibbon L/M opsin genes

Figure 2

The nucleotide diversity (π) of the exons (black bar) and the introns (white bar) of the L and M opsin genes and the neutral references (gray bars) in the five species of gibbons. The gibbon genomic data reported for autosomal (GA) and X-chromosomal (GX) regions [52] are also indicated as neutral references. The π values of the combined sequences of the eta globin pseudogene and the S opsin intron 4 (Eta+S) and the π values of GA are multiplied by 3/4. The single and double asterisks represent the statistical significance at 0.05 and 0.01 levels, respectively, based on the one-tailed Z test.

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