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Figure 6

From: Diversification of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in Dipsacaceae (Dipsacales): implications for the evolution of capitulum inflorescences

Figure 6

Summary Campanulidae phylogeny with plotted CYC -like gene trees. Summary of phylogenetic relationships within the Campanulideae following Tank and Donoghue [45] with CYC-like gene tree for Helianthus annus [21] plotted within the Asteraceae clade and CYC-like gene tree for Dipsacaceae plotted within the Dipsacaceae clade (clades are color coded: black = CYC1, grey = CYC2, blue = CYC3). The radiate Lomelosia cretica (top photo) and the discoid Bassecoia bretschneideri (bottom photo) provide examples of inflorescence form in Dipsacaceae. The radiate Helianthus annuus (top photo) and the discoid Echinops sp. (bottom photo) provide examples of inflorescence form in Asteraceae.

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