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Table 4 AICc comparisons of models for fraction of antagonistic QTL and QTL effect size (> 5 QTL)

From: Comparing the adaptive landscape across trait types: larger QTL effect size in traits under biotic selection

Model number of parameters LL AICc AIC weights
QTL effect size, global 15 -726.638 1485.90 0.0046
QTL effect size, reduced 8 -729.500 1475.16 0.9954
  1. Nested GLM models of fraction of QTL effect size, including only QTL controlling traits for which more than 5 QTL were detected. LL (log likelihood) values and AICc values, used to calculate AIC weights, are shown for more complex global models including all parameters, as well as models with abiotic v. biotic status removed. AIC weights indicate the relative support of the data for each of the models.