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Figure 4

From: Population dynamics and genetic changes of Picea abies in the South Carpathians revealed by pollen and ancient DNA analyses

Figure 4

Median-joining haplotype network of the chloroplast fragment B. Numbers denote haplotypes found for fragment B only. Haplotype 1 corresponds to Ht9 (Table 1); haplotype 2 includes Ht2, Ht3; haplotype 3 includes Ht1, Ht6, Ht8; haplotype 4 includes Ht 4, Ht7 and P1; haplotype 5 corresponds to Ht5; haplotype 6 corresponds to S9; haplotype 7 corresponds to haplotype R in Parducci et al. (2005). For information on the ancient and extant haplotypes see Table 1 and Additional File 1.

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