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Figure 2

From: Population structure of Bactrocera dorsalis s.s., B. papayae and B. philippinensis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in southeast Asia: evidence for a single species hypothesis using mitochondrial DNA and wing-shape data

Figure 2

First two canonical variates following B. dorsalis s.l. wing shape analysis. Plot of wing shape data from B. dorsalis complex flies along first two canonical variates following CVA. For clarity, only four sites are highlighted with 95% confidence ellipses: diamonds = Philippines (closed = Quezon City; open = Imus); open circles = San Pa Tong, nth Thailand; filled circles = Taiwan, China. Remaining sample sites indistinguishable in this plot and are represented as small dots. Black wireframe wing images denote shape deformation along the first canonical variate in the positive (Cv1+) and negative (Cv1-) direction (scale factor 10); grey wireframe = consensus shape.

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