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Figure 6

From: Population structure of Bactrocera dorsalis s.s., B. papayae and B. philippinensis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in southeast Asia: evidence for a single species hypothesis using mitochondrial DNA and wing-shape data

Figure 6

Hypothesised historical migration paths of B. dorsalis s.l. in southeast Asia. Snapshot images from the output of BEAST discrete phylogeographic analysis showing spread of B. dorsalis s.l. haplotypes among populations in a spatial context. Lines drawn between sample sites infer historical migration events. Size of circles represents inferred historical population size. The colour of the lines and circles is indicative of inferred age: red is older, blue is younger. Ages of each snapshot are from the analysis that used a molecular rate of 1.5%/my and values in parentheses are from the runs using the lowest and highest rates, respectively.

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